On January 25th, 22 amazing women attended our first Black Women Connect Book Club meeting of the year. And what a meeting! Fabulous food, company and wine! We read Zalika Reid-Benta’s debut novel Frying Plantain. Overall the book was well received, over an almost 3 hour discussions, we discussed many themes from black mental health issues, the concept of family and black mothers including our love languages, mother daugther dynamics etc. Members feedback:

What an enjoyable meeting, I am so glad I was able to make it and hear the different perspectives and interpretations of the book. All in all spending time with you ladies is so good for my soul! Thank you

I really enjoyed our book club meeting. What was most interesting, is the way we each brough our full selves / differing lived experiences to the discussion in terms of our perception of the characters, their motivations etc. The style of presentation – via short stories with unclear timelines was challenging for some and liked by others. Great thougthful insights from all as usual! Zalika is a really good writer, I look forward to her future works.

There were Mixed sentiments. Some people found it to be challenging to read because they felt it was very sad and depressing. Other described it as a light read and enjoyed the neighborhood references which they said made it familiar and funny. I guess it depends on your frame of reference and how deeply you interpreted Zalika’s writing.