Join the Black Women Connect Book Club

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is Black Women Connect! Book Club? 

A: Black Women Connect! Book Club dedicated to celebrating Black Literature, Sisterhood and the love of reading.  Black Women Connect mission is to bring Black Women together who love to read fiction and nonfiction books written by writers of African descent for meaningful conversations, connections and socialization. We curate monthly book club meetings and social events for Black Women in the Greater Toronto Area.

Q: How do I join the Black Women Connect! Book Club?

A: You can sign up to our book club via our Facebook page or via an email to bwcbookclub @ and to receive our newsletter! We meet on the last Friday of each month except December and August to discuss our monthly book selections. You can follow us on  Facebook, and Instagram, and Twitter.

Q: What books are you current reading? 

A: Our current book list is on our facebook page and on our books page.

Q:  How do I participate in the book club?

A:   Attend a book club meetings on the last Friday of the month or you could

  1. Follow us Twitter: @bwcbookclub.
  2. Join our Facebook Group
  3. Tag us on Instagram @bwcbookclub or tag #BlackWomenConnect on Instagram.