black women connect book club february meeting


Thank you to all the Queens who came out last night, the discussion of The Hate U Give was powerful and somewhat heartbreaking to me. Specifically, as I listen to us talk about the outright racism and microaggressions that we face on an almost daily basis I remember Khalil saying that “Thug Life” refers to how the hate that society feeds its youth comes back to bite them later; Starr generalizes this to the hate that black people, minorities, poor people, and the oppressed are forced to deal with. This book opened something deep within me, that I am still exploring.

Thank you my Sisters for opening up yourselves to share honestly and safely all that you face, we face in our daily lives. I like that we validated and supported each other even though we held sometimes vastly different views on the subject matter. I want to create this space for us, to allow us to BREATHE. FREELY. And JUST BE.


From Member Dominque  J

I love that every meeting there are new faces and we get to expand our social circle with interesting people. And as much as we are connected, we are still so different, so this is an opp to learn of different perspectives in a respectful and chill manner. Thank you💞